Can we change our world?…

                                       Yes, We Can!

There are a few different ways to participate:

Before September 11:

Invite all your friends to participate: call them or send emails to everyone you know.Invite your employer to participate. It’s also good for business. Many companies are answering their phones and greeting all their customers with a smile and a “Hello, From My Heart.”If you are a member of a civic or other group, invite them to participate.Let us know what additional ideas you come up with by email.Ask everyone to come register. Crime statistics will be reported for each county where we have registration.

September 11-September 21:

2016-11-27_16-24-32Greet everyone you meet with a smile and the words: “Hello, From My Heart.”

Answer your telephone with a smile and the words: “Hello, From My Heart.”

Call and email your friends with this greeting: “Hello, From My Heart.”

Call your favorite local on-air radio personality and share our greeting with their audience.

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