Mission Statement

“To measurably create happier, healthier, & more peaceful communities.”

Our focus will recognize where our support came from for the original “Hello, From My Heart” Day and expand on that formula.

Key to our success was corporate support from companies like:


Many broadcast an announcement throughout all their area stores to all their customers throughout the day. Many of their employees also greeted their customers with A smile and a “Hello, From My Heart.”

The Tampa Tribune Classified Advertising Department and several others answered their phones with a smile and a “Hello, From My Heart” followed by their corporate greeting. All emails were also addressed with a “Hello, From My Heart.”

girl2Big Dog Marketing

President, Shawn Casey sent out over 1.5 million email invitations for individual participation.


V.P., Chad Bronstein
sent out over 2,000 notices to area businesses inviting their participation.

World Wide Success

President, Hank Seitz
sent out several hundred notices to area businesses inviting their participation.

 Real Estate Companies, Restaurants, Shopping Plazas, Nursing Homes, Churches,
and many other individuals all contributed to our success.

Of major importance was the participation of the media.

The following companies have particularly distinguished themselves:

The Tampa Tribune

A front page Metro Section story on “Hello, From My Heart” Day informed all of their readers.


A film crew went to several locations for their story. This was promoted throughout prime time for the late news with subsequent stories in their morning and noon news programs.

 WRBQ – 104.7FM

Mason Dixon provided an interview the morning of “Hello, From My Heart” Day.

 WFLA – 970AM

Provided interviews before and after “Hello, From My Heart” Day.

 Metro News Stations

Provided news reports throughout the day on their member stations.

 NTN Network

Provided announcements for 30 days in advance of “Hello, From My Heart” day within their 3,500 member restaurants.

 The St. Petersburg Times

Provided extensive coverage the day after “Hello, From My Heart” Day.

 Everyone who participated in “Hello, From My Heart” Day played a vital role in it’s success. They are the heroes who have made it possible for us to continue with this World changing event.

 Humanity thanks each and every one of you.

The following categories and any others which are brought to our attention will be contacted and invited to participate:

Internet Marketing Companies
National Collegiate Associations
National Retailers
National Service Groups
National Sheriff’s Association – Neighborhood Watch Groups
Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Television Stations
Religious & Spiritual Groups
Restaurant Chains & Associations

Everyone who would like to participate in “Hello, From My Heart” Day is invited.

From My Heart,
Gary Schineller, Founder
Hello, From My Heart, Inc.
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