cloudsThe most frequently asked question we receive concerns our phrase, “Hello, From My Heart” and why it works. The five intellectual disciplines that support our success include Psychology, Sociology, Spirituality, and the physical sciences of Medicine and Physics. The following is a perspective from each of those disciplines.

Psychological Perspective:

The frustration/aggression theory teaches that as an individual experiences frustration they can be expected to react with aggressive behavior. This behavior may be acted out on oneself in ways like over-eating, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and self-abuse, creating disease and illness. This behavior may also be acted out through abuse of others, often in the form of violence or intimidation.

 Frustration is everywhere. Frustration is caused by alienation, which is born from a perceived lack of control over one’s environmental condition. Within this framework, consider the impact of downsizing, multitasking, and out-sourcing. The potential for frustration seems to be around every corner. Abuse and violence are born from this. Divorce rates have never been higher. Today, we even have Road-Rage.

 When someone smiles at us and says “Hello, From My Heart” it is an expression of intentional and unconditional love. We want the individual to feel good and are expressing love without any personal expectations. When this occurs repeatedly the impact of love is compounded exponentially. Whether we give, receive, or observe this greeting, an impact is made.

 The tenant upon which, I was taught all of modern psychology is based is “What we see in someone else is a reflection of ourselves.” Some call this Gestalt. Others call it the mirror principle. Consider the difference: seeing others with anger and hatred or greeting everyone and being greeted with love.

 The same conditions which previously would have sent some of us over-the-line or created frustration would still exist. However, we become empowered by love. Problems are now perceived differently. We are no longer reacting to them, but are able to consciously choose. What good decisions have ever been made in anger? Perhaps now, we can eliminate the word problem. What might we substitute for it? Perhaps opportunity….

“Hello, From My Heart” is just that.
It is an opportunity for us to create a happier, healthier, and more peaceful life.

Sociological Perspective:

peopeSome businesses and individuals have said they already greet people pleasantly. Why should they adopt our greeting? Yes, it is good business to greet all your customers on the phone and in-person with a smile and pleasantries. However, can we be more powerful? Yes, we can.

This has to do with what is called phatic communication. Do you remember when you first started to hear the phrase, “Have a Nice Day?” It felt really good then. Why? Because, it was powerful. Today, most don’t even look us in the eye when they say it. How do we feel today when someone says, “Hi, how are you?” What percentage of those giving or receiving that greeting are really thinking about it? How many times have we said “Good Morning” to someone, only to hear the shortened “morning” in reply? The greeting has lost its power because those that use it do so, for the most part, without thinking. And those hearing these words and phrases listen without really thinking. These words and phrases have lost their power and become examples of phatic communication.

There was one office manager who said she would not say “Hello, From My Heart” because that would be an expression she would reserve for her husband or sweetheart. (I did not ask her if that meant two different people!) To me it was the perfect answer. When we say “Hello, From My Heart” it is an expression of unconditional love. The key word here is expression. When we express love versus just saying it, we are very powerful.

Who would you rather do business with? Who would you rather have as a friend: someone who’s just repeating some words, or someone who expresses themselves from their heart? We tend to really like and want to spend time with people who show us unconditional love. Is this your business plan? Is this your personal life plan? It is also known that as we give we receive. Being known as a company or an individual who cares about humanity; who is actively doing something to be part of the solution, will pay untold rewards. “Hello, From My Heart.”

A Medical Perspective:

kidsAccording to Dr. Wayne Dyer, seratonin is an enzyme the brain secretes when we are happy. An act of kindness or expression of love causes us to secrete seratonin. It is secreted whether we are a giver, receiver, or witness a kind act. This naturally reduces stress. And just like we discussed under the Psychological Perspective, stress anfd frustration lead to much that is undesirable. This is how we cause ourselves to become ill. Yes, this is how we create all the symptoms we learned to categorically label as disease.

The National Mental Health Committee reports that more than half of all people in America’s hospital beds are constant worriers. Worry is caused by fear; and fear is eliminated by the secretion of seratonin. “Hello, From My Heart.” It’s easy and less expensive than any pill.

The Physics Perspective:

We’ve probably all heard the term “good vibrations.” This has to do with energy. Einstein showed with “Energy=Mass x the Speed of Light (squared)” that everything in the material world is energy and part of what he called the Universal Energy Field. Courtesy of this discovery, students of Quantum Physics have proven that the properties of subatomic particles respond directly to the thoughts of the observer. This confirms that the mind is part of this energy field and is able to influence it.

Dr. Massuru Emoto has taken this one visual step further in his book “The Hidden Messages of Water.” Dr. Emoto has taken high-speed pictures of crystals of water, which have been labeled with words like love and gratitude. These crystals are perfectly formed, are brilliant, complex, and colorful. Conversely, he labeled others with words like hatred and anger. These crystals were incomplete, asymmetrical, and dull. The same was true in all languages and equally duplicated with thoughts and feelings versus labels.

grandmaNow, consider that our bodies are made up of approximately 90% water. Our planet is roughly 2/3 water. And how about storms like hurricanes, typhoons, and tsunamis? They are 100% water. Is it possible that all of these can be influenced by our thoughts, words, and deeds?

Yes! Here are some examples: on the morning of September 11th 2004, Miami television stations were in what is called “wall-to-wall” or non-stop hurricane coverage. Hurricane Ivan, a category 5 storm packing 160+mph winds was headed directly to Miami. Evacuations were clogging the Interstate Highways. This was also the morning of “Hello, From My Heart” Day. At 7AM we issued a press release announcing that the energy of “Hello, From My Heart” Day, the energy of love would greet Ivan throughout the day and peak at 4PM. In the morning local efforts were headed by Miami Radio Personality, Phoenix. Thousands of others participated through the efforts of Mical Pavitra. That afternoon a worldwide Internet meditation was lead by “Hello, From My Heart” Day Founder, Gary Schineller on the World Puja Network. By 5PM news broadcasts were announcing that Ivan had shifted its path away from Miami and into the Gulf of Mexico. Countless lives were saved.

There are many other examples of weather being influenced by the intention of collective consciousness or common thought. In August 1969, thirty-three years prior to the first “Hello, From My Heart” Day, this happened at an outdoor concert. It was raining and all the forecasters said it would continue. That is until all 500,000 in attendance began chanting the words, “no-rain.” Also, everyone held up to the heavens a candle, a lighter, or matches. The rain stopped. Today, we witness at concerts all over the world audiences holding up to the heavens little flashlights or lighters. You guessed it; the custom was born at Yasgood’s Farm in Woodstock, N.Y.

heartLarge gatherings of people with a common thought have measurable power. Consider professional football. For anyone who has ever wagered on one of these contests you might be aware that the point spread, if both teams are considered equal, favors the home team by 3 points. Why? Both teams are playing on the same field and the dimensions are the same from team to team. It has to do with the fans. Their cheering, chanting and praying is worth millions of dollars on a weekly basis. Another interesting tidbit suggests that we, the fans, are also getting more powerful. As little as two years ago, the home field advantage was only two points. Almost every team in every sport has a better home record versus away record. We are the reason.

Our premise is that the use of a powerful phrase, “Hello, From My Heart” by a very large number of people, will generate enough energy to lower crime. Based on the individual county reports, it can be concluded that where the greatest number of people participated, the results were the greatest. Yes, we have even proven that we can totally eliminate violent crime. We’ve also shown that we can influence major weather patterns. Participants for this our first global effort came from 22 countries and 37 of the United States. And a N.Y.Times headline from September 13th, 2 days after “Hello, From My Heart” Day, indicates we can even influence how a war might be fought. The story was reprinted on the 14th in the St. Petersburg Times and other daily newspapers. The headline read: “Force may not win Iraq fight.” “Hello, From My Heart.”

The Spiritual Perspective:

 butterflyAll religions subscribe to the power of prayer and the belief that God is Love. Each also has their version of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

 When interviewing anyone on the meaning of our greeting, everyone has a different answer. And everyone is correct. The common denominator is a genuine and powerful expression of love. When we express love and thereby practice the Golden Rule, we are the most powerful we can be.

Many of us have heard the words of Gandhi when he said; “Unless we become the change we wish to see in the world, no change will take place.” And we have agreed with it. Randomly, we all think good thoughts and practice good deeds. When we collectively and consciously greet everyone from our hearts, we are expressing love without condition and without judgment. The key word once again, is expression. When we express love versus just saying it, we are very powerful. Then we are truly realizing the potential of being created in the image and likeness of God. And that potential is peace, from which all else can be realized.


Peace and happiness are our choice. It is up to us. It is not up to governments, the military, or the police. They reflect us. They are by their very nature part of us.

Ours is a path of choice. When we greet each other from our hearts. When we greet everyone from our hearts, peace will prevail.

Humanity, up until now, has existed as reactive. Historically, we have reacted to the symptom. It is time to become the change we seek. It is time to deal with the cause. We are the cause. We create our circumstances. We are the solution.

 “Hello, From My Heart.” We hope you will join us.



Many said when we first began this campaign; “but this is just one day! How is this really going to change the World?” It’s a start. What we can prove for a day; we can do for a week, a month, even a lifetime.  I have unending faith in humanity.

Many are continuing to use this greeting throughout the year.  We’ve begun taking measurements for 11 days.  Soon we’ll organize this for a month, and then a year.

Imagine what we can create. If we can imagine it, we can live it and we can have the peace which previously has passed all of our understanding.

Excerpts from the preceding perspectives have been taken from:

“How to Have a Nice Day” by Gary Schineller, 1st World Library