Event History

“Hello, From My Heart” Day Reduces Crime

The first “Hello, From My Heart” Day was August 1st, 2002 where over 750,000 people throughout Tampa Bay greeted or were greeted with the words:

“Hello, From My Heart.”

Newspapers, radio & television stations, many area businesses and church congregations particpated.

2001 vs. 2002 RESULTS

The following is a county by county analysis of crime calls received by area Sheriff’s Departments for July 31 and Sugust 1st 2001 and 2002. “Hello, From My Heart” Day was August 1st 2002.

County 7/31/01 vs.
8/1/01 vs.
Polk -27% -43%
Hillsborough -18% -36%
Manatee +23% -29%
Hernando -42% -25%
Citrus* +3% -22%
Pinellas +18% -15%
Sarasota* -8% -6%
Pasco +46% +3%





The day prior to “Hello, From My Heart” Day showed a normal statistical variance with 4 counties up and 4 counties down in crime. The average was less than 1% difference from last year.

“Hello, From My Heart” Day proved it impacts with 7 out of 8 counties reporting a decrease in crime. Pasco, the fastest growing county, was actually 43% down from the day before. Sarasota county had the least amount of participation. Neither the Tampa Tribune not the St. Pete Times were distributed there.

For further information, you are invited to contact Gary Schineller at Email Gary This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Plans are now underway for a nationwide “Hello, From My Heart” Day. September 11th – 21st 2004.

*These counties reported a total number of Crime Calls received. All others reported violent / Part 1 crime calls.

2004 Results

Congratulations! We have changed the World. We are creating a happier, healthier and more peaceful planet. And, we have only just begun!  “Hello, From My Heart” Day moved to September 11th.

In our first Worldwide effort, we had participants in 22 countries and 37 of the United States. As always participation determines results.




9/13/03 vs.Sat.9/11/04

USA Fl Sarasota -100% *
USA AZ Coconino -67%
USA Fl Polk -50%
USA Fl Pinellas -25%
USA Fl Pasco -23%
USA Fl Lee -12%
USA Fl Volusia -11%
USA Fl Hillsborough -9%
USA CA Contra Costa NC **

Average -33%

**No Change

*Yes, Sarasota County is the first county, as far aswe know, anywhere in the World to totally eliminate Violent Crime for the day. Congratulations everyone!


In each county where we had registered participants Sheriff’s Departments were requested to provide “violent-crime-call” statistics for these dates: Wednesday 09/10/03, Thursday 09/11/03, Friday 09/12/03, Saturday 09/13/03, Friday 09/10/04 and Saturday 09/11/04.


First we wanted to see if there was a relationship generated by a perceived emotional impact of 9/11. There is none. A random dispersal of crime call statistics showed some up, some down and others without change between 09/10/03 and 09/11/03. The same random relationship exists between Friday and Saturday as illustrated by the figures we obtained for 09/12/03 and 09/13/03.

The only dominant relationship was a decrease in violent crime calls on Saturday 09/11/04, when compared to Saturday 09/13/03.

The intention of “Hello, From My Heart” Day is proven. We can create a happier, healthier and more peaceful planet.

2005 Results

2005 was a year of expansion as registrations came in from 40 of the United States and 30 Nations worldwide. Most notable results came from Cinncinatti, Ohio where violent crime was down by 57%! Cinncinatti is listed as one of America’s ten most violent cities. These efforts were led by Barbara Dixon.

For results in your county, you are invited to call your local Sheriff’s Department and ask for the violent crime call statistics for Sunday 09/11/05 and Sunday 09/12/04. the difference is then divided by the 2004 number which then shows the percentage increase or decreases. If you’d like any further information please call or email Gary at TeesideCom@aol.com

2006 Results: “WE ARE THE CHANGE WE SEEK!”

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

In June we unveiled our new website.  By September 21st we had received over 1.1 million visits lasting over 2 pages per average visit.  We are told this translates to between 10 and 11 million people who received the “Hello, From My Heart” greeting.  Our greetings were exchanged in 30 nations globally and 40 of the United States.

This is absolutely ASTOUNDING!  In ’02, our first year, we reached roughly 750,000 people within just the 8 counties of Tampa Bay, Florida.  Have we clearly demonstrated humanity’s appetite to actively create a happier, healthier, more peaceful planet?  YES, WE HAVE.

We are grateful to absolutely everyone and especially grateful to these who truly gave with all their hearts and without whom these achievements would still be just a dream in our founder’s eye:

I also have some deeply personal gratitude to share.  Last year Marissa Schineller, my beloved daughter, passed away.  I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts, prayers, and messages.  More than you could know, they have strengthened and encouraged me to continue.  Love is always the answer.

Your love is profound.

Thank you, again.
Gary Schineller, Founder
“Hello, From My Heart” Days.

2007 Results: 115 Nations

“Hello, From My Heart” Days were September 11th thru the 21st.  Thanks to the superb efforts of all of you and especially those of Shawn Casey, our greeting was received in 115 nations.  According to Alexa.com more than 22 million people took part.

For the first time we discovered a source that could distribute our flyer in Iraq.  One was translated into Arabic and sent.  Naturally, lots of prayers accompanied them.  In October it was reported in all the major press that violence was down by 50% for the month of September.  Coincidence or not, we are happy to be a part of the spread of peace everywhere.

In St. Petersburg, Florida the 750 students (K thru 5) of Sawgrass Lake Elementary School began greeting each other with a smile and the words, “Hello, From My Heart” on September 11th.  Absenteeism due to sickness was down by 29% and disciplinary actions were down by 36% for the month, when compared to the previous year.

The school had sent flyers home with the children which explained “Hello, From My Heart” Days.  Our Founder, Gary Schineller was invited to perform an assembly program for the entire student body on 9/12.  He taught them our song and asked if any of them had ever been a hero.  A few hands were raised.  Then he asked, if any would like to be a hero.  Every hand was raised.  Then he explained how the could become a Peace Hero.  He asked if they ever knew someone who was sad or lonely.  Or, if they ever knew someone who was mad or angry.  Of course, they all did.  Well, the next time they saw someone feeling any of those ways they were now invited to say “Hello, From My Heart” to them.

The statistical results by themselves are very powerful, but the stories some of the children tell absolutely touch the heart.  One little boy said his mommy was crying in the next room.  He went into her and said, “Hello, From My Heart” Mommy.  And she stopped crying.

For the month of September, the school began each day with a “Hello, From My Heart” greeting over the public address system and many teachers also began each class with the same greeting.  Students today can still be heard in the hallways and cafeteria exchanging “Hello, From My Heart” greetings.

For more info on the school, you may contact Diane Kutz at 727-481-4499.  If you’d like to schedule Gary to speak at your school, business, or any other gathering you may call him at 727-376-0753.

2008 thru 2010: Wonderful Results

We truly are changing our world.  Having shifted our focus from specific communities to a more global approach, here’s what the FBI has just reported for the USA.  Violent crime has declined by the following amounts:

2010   -5.5%

2009   -5.3%

2008   -1.9%

Wow, what our world needs now is…love.  “Hello, From My Heart” greetings, whether expressed verbally, silently or witnessed make a difference.  It’s especially gratifying to know that these achievements were earned during a time of economic recession when most prognosticators would have forecast an increase versus a decline in violence.

While many other campaigns or movements are relative newcomers to this movement and have reached just a fraction of our totals, each and every one makes a difference.  We are headed to a tipping point, where “peace will guide our planet,” and love will rule our lands.

2011, 2012

These years we added the dimension of internet radio and broadcast 2 PSA’s per hour beginning 9/1 and running thru our campaign.  This was complemented with very large networks on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and WAYN.  Of course, our mainstay consisted of over 1 million emails which are sent globally.

In 2011 Violent Crime was down nationwide by 3.8%.

Perhaps more than any other years, it seemed like everywhere we went we would hear our greeting.  How sweet it is to see, feel, and hear.  We truly are changing our world, with love.

2013: The Today Show

For 11 straight days, from 9/11 thru 9/21 we were on the Today Show on NBC-TV in NYC.  That’s right, in addition to all our normal efforts, the entire nation that was viewing this program received our greeting.  We’d like to thank the entire cast and crew for making us feel so welcome.  There are so many to thank.  Thanks to the entire studio audience, and if you’ve ever seen the show you know how large that can be.  Well, each and every person was wearing a “Hello, From My Heart” sticker.  Of course our founder, Gary Schineller was there every single day.  He was joined by the incomparable William Marshall who succeeded in gaining some of the most creative camera angles for our signs to be shown.  Other volunteers included Theresa LePre, Gloria Nash, Denise Kowal, Kathy, Rose, Tracey, Kassandra and so much more.  Thank you all for sharing your love and helping to make this a truly heartfelt experience.

Also while in NYC Ric Ulfik of We The World booked Gary on several radio shows as well as a speaking appearance in Central Park for the 9/21 celebration of the UN International Day of Peace.  Thank you, Ric.  We so honor the work you are doing.

And of course, we’d be remiss if we did give thanks to Shawn Casey for sending more than 1 million emails.  And where would we be if we did not have the tireless and spectacular help from our webmaster, Lee Moon

2014: Licensing Makes HFMH an Every Day Campaign

Many thanks to the Gallup Poll for their 1.8 million person study of the value of Employee Engagement in the workplace.  This has inspired us to create our Licensing Program which can now be run and monitored 12 months of the year.  If there is a bottom line to the program, it is just that; we can now conclude that it is profitable to be loving. Hello, From My Heart will show you how, and as always with measurable results.

Our first company to use this are the Doctor’s offices of Dr. Laura Bertoncini.  Since she has run our program she is experiencing the busiest weeks ever for her practice.  And, we could not be happier for her.

Of course, we continue to run our traditional email and social media campaign.  Maybe next year you’ll join us on the Today Show!

2015: Irony Strikes

Our Founder, Gary Schineller, known by many as “the Heart Guy” was hospitalized for 8 days this past August.  The diagnosis was a swollen heart!  We are very happy to say recuperation is now complete.

2015 – 2017:

It is with great sadness and gratitude that we announce the passing of our dear friend and Board Member, Robert Jay.  He was a wonderful inspiration and brilliant advisor who will never be forgotten. 

Replacing Robert on the Board will be Jerry Collette.  Jerry brings a passion for our mission and is also a paralegal.  Welcome aboard Jerry.  We look forward to working with you.

Also in the sadness category is the departure of our long time webmaster, Lee Moon.  She hosted our site and was largely responsible for the face of Hello From My Heart for many years.  We are very grateful for all of Lee’s many contributions.

Replacing Lee is a new friend with enormous energy and seemingly boundless creativity.  Please welcome Richard Elzey.  If you’d like to get to know Richard, you are invited to visit www.Elzey.com.