Can American business transform our World and be more profitable in the process?

Here’s what the Gallup organization had to say about Engagement from a 1.8 million person survey.  (Engagement in the workplace: That’s when employees are involved in an altruistic pursuit with measurable results as part of their job description.)
37% lower absenteeism due to sickness
25-65% lower employee turnover
21% higher productivity
22% higher profitability
If you have not yet read our Event History page, may we invite you to do so now.
Hello From My Heart Inc. is now offering affordable licensing to every size company in the World.
Here’s what your company will receive:
– Hello, From My Heart Stickers – These official 2″ stickers will identify you and those you present them to as Peace Hero’s.  You’ll want to wear them and pass them out to your customers and friends.  Everyone is empowered by them.
– Hello, From My Heart Signs – These are the same 2′ square signs that were seen on the Today Show last year.  They are perfect for the workplace for both employees and customers to see.
– Press Releases – Your company will be identified as an official participant in both a pre and post-event press release.  In other words first, we’ll be telling the World where they can come and get their love.  Then we’ll tell them the impact it had.
– Coaching – Our Founder, Gary Schineller, will offer one-hour coaching sessions either live or via Skype to be sure that every employee has all their questions answered and is empowered to gain the most from our program.
– The Hello, From My Heart Logo – Our logo and trademarked greeting will be made available for one year for all corporate communications and advertising.
– All licensees will be listed on our web site.
– Hello, From My Heart Music Video After 10,000 employees have participated in our program a video will be shot to accompany our original Hello From My Heart song.  This will be released on YouTube and can be expected to go viral.  Scenes will be shot at participating license holders.
– The Today Show – All licensees will be invited to be in the audience of The Today Show, 9/11 thru 9/21.
Here’s the details by company size:
# Employees         Licensing Fee     # Stickers     # Signs
1 – 10                         $1,000                     1,000                1
11 – 50                       $5,000                    5,000                1
51 – 100                    $10,000                  10,000              2
101 – 200                 $20,000                  20,000             4
201 – 300                $30,000                  30,000             6
301 – 400                $40,000                  40,000             8  etc.
Based on Gallup’s numbers the estimated ROI (Return on Investment) is 880%.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change our world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – M. Mead
Those were the EMPLOYER benefits.  Now, these are some of the EMPLOYEE benefits:
– Coaching All employees will benefit from a one-hour coaching session with our Founder.  The history of Hello From My Heart with all of our achievements will be presented along with some suggestions as to how we might respond when someone questions our greeting.  For example; how about, “It’s a way that we are caring for our community.”  A segment for questions and answers will always be included.
– increased Sales Who does not want to do business with someone who is caring for our community?  Customer resistance is diminished.  The net result will be more effective and successful communication.
– How about the HOME experience? The magic word here is stress.  With decreased stress in the workplace, we can project decreased stress in the home.  And has been said, “a happy wife is a happy life.”  It becomes a never-ending circle resulting in happier, healthier, and more peaceful employees.
What about the PUBLIC experience? Violent crime statistics will be gathered from the Sheriff’s Department after our first month.  Thus far for 14 years everywhere this has been run run, violent crime has been dramatically reduced.  Now, imagine the pride in our workplace when we can actually point to what we have achieved.  Who doesn’t like to be a HERO?  Who doesn’t want to do business with a hero?
– Profit Sharing With increased profits, the EMPLOYER might like to share some of the financial success.  Yes, it is profitable to be loving.  Gallup has shown it, and we are proving it.
Here’s the Press Release for our first Licensing Program participant:(Please feel free to ask me or Dr. Laura what has happened to her business)
Subject: “Hello, From My Heart” Days
Contact: Gary Schineller, Founder & CEO
Tel: 727-376-0753
when: 9/11 thru 5/14/17
As Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
Hello From My Heart Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 company.